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Positive reinforcement training for ambitious dogs looking to develop their owner’s full potential

with Vicky Miles

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If you want to help your competition dog develop more precise, engaged, and enthusiastic competition behaviors, I can help. The training aids I create have been designed to meet you wherever you are on your training journey, and wherever you are in the world. Let me help you achieve your training goals!

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Take your obedience training to the next level with online training — work on your own schedule from the convenience of home!


You and your dog are unique — if you’re looking for personalized advice, my online coaching provides advice tailored to you!

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They say nothing in life is free — but that’s not true! I offer a number of free resources… check those out here!

“Since training with Vicky I have gained more confidence in my training and have become more motivated to set goals. An important aspect is how Vicky helps me to break down my training into many parts which means that I succeed quicker and more often than if I had tried to do everything at once.”

Anna Bohman

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